Fundamentals – Water

NEW! Fundamentals – Water



To Bill, it is during the Fundamentals when your dog develops its character. Bill shows you how to teach your dog to develop the natural instincts he was born with. During water training it is vitally important to take the right approach, as this is where your dog develops his water attitude.

In this video Bill shows you how to maintain the right attitude in your dog during the difficult phases of water training. Developing the right water attitude can make the difference in having an average dog or having a great dog!

 Watch his videos below!

Bill Hillmann’s Water Fundamentals DVD – teaches you the basic steps necessary to teach your retriever to handle and run blinds on water, and to maintain the right attitude to be a reliable hunting dog.


Beginning of Water Basic Training

Water – 1

Water T – 2



Swimby – 1


Swimby – 2


Swimby – 3


The Powercast is used to get a dog into the water.

Bill introduces cheaty water marks using hand thrown bumpers.


This drill teaches a dog to go straight and use angles in the water. Teaching walk out blinds on the water teaches a dog confidence, power, and they love it!



Bills’s training methods and basics program will help you teach your dog to be a reliable and BALANCED retriever.