Fundamentals – Land

NEW! Fundamentals – Land


In any sport the Fundamentals are crucial for success. In this video Bill actually demonstrates how to teach the Fundamentals of retriever training. Bill takes various dogs through each step of his basics program showing you how dogs learn.

This video shows how to teach a dog to sit, stop on the whistle, go when commanded, to cast, to go through obstacles and cover. All of these skills are taugh by teaching a retriever to handle. We show what to do if things DON’T go right, and all in easy step by step lessons to teach your retriever the fundamentals needed to be a dependable gun dog or more!

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Bill Hillmann’s NEW Fundamentals DVD – the basic steps necessary to teach your retriever to handle, run blinds, and be a reliable hunting dog.

After you have taught your puppy to fetch from a single pile, then you are ready to begin angle back casting. This is very important because the angle back casts will be the beginning for turning left and right on straight back casts, and eventually will be the foundation for single T.

To follow this step is really important. It is like all of the parts of basic training .. . . all fundamentals must be practiced over and over because there can be no weaknesses. If there are inconsistencies or problems they will certainly show up later in training.

Bill describes and demonstrates what is required to be finished with Single T.

Bill describes the progression of teaching the Powercast.




Bills’s training methods and basics program will help you teach your dog to be a reliable and BALANCED retriever.