The Fetch Command

The ‘FETCH’ Command with Bill Hillmann

This DVD reveals a TOTALLY NEW way to teach the ‘FETCH’ command!

Bill shows a revolutionary NEW way to teach the conditioned retrieve previously known as ‘Force Fetch’. Teach any gun dog how to retrieve using this happy and fun new method.
A dog CAN be happy during ‘Fetch’ training!


Bill Hillmann has had the most High Point Derby Dogs in American Field Trial history… Now his secrets are revealed in this new DVD!  Order your copy today!

Bills’s gentle methods of creating desire and teaching a retriever puppy to become a BALANCED and trained hunting retriever will work on any dog. Whether you own the most mild mannered Flat-Coated or Golden Retriever to the wildest field bred Labrador Retriever. These methods will also work in any gun dog training whether it’s a Spaniel, Setter, Pointer, or even Poodle!

Training should be fun for you and your dog. If your dog is not having fun, he is NOT in balance, AND you’re not training well. Buy these videos to learn how to train a BALANCED retriever.