Art and Science of Raising a Puppy

raisingpuppiesThe Art and Science of Raising a Puppy

with Bill Hillmann

This DVD will teach you how to raise your new puppy so that he will grow up to be the dog you have always dreamed of – even if you have never trained or owned a dog before, and no matter which breed you have chosen.

From the time the puppy gets home from the airport as a 7 week old puppy until he becomes a gawky teenager, every part of his upbringing is filmed so you can watch him grow up right on your screen.

You can see his first days away from his mom and his litter, his first unsure night in his new home and meeting his new family.

You will watch the entire process of housebreaking, socialization, early training, obedience, being around kids, grooming, feeding and learning manners. These are all explained AND demonstrated in detail.

There are four things that are unique to this DVD:

1. First of all, this DVD shows an individual dog growing up and learning the skills he needs in life to be a good canine citizen. (not random examples and/or lectures)

Watch Bill describe teaching puppies the “On/Off” switch.

2. You will learn how to create the “on-off” switch, which teaches a dog to focus on you and react to you.

3. You will learn that a dog must have a job … a purpose in life so that he can earn the reward which he wants more than anything else …which is praise and to play the game.

4. You will learn how to reinforce and strengthen commands and to make them powerful and reliable even with distractions and to understand the difference between reinforcement and correction.

But most of all, this film is about the process of building trust and loyalty and a relationship that will last forever. No other documentary like this is available.