Y Drill for Marking

Bill Hillmann’s Video Training Library

Precision Marking Y Drill

“The Y drill to me is one of the most important marking drills that there is.” This is a marking drill that can be used for labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, gun dogs, duck dogs, any hunting dog to improve their marking skills.
The marking drill called the “Y Drill” in retriever training is described. Training retrievers, labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, gun dogs, duck dogs and how to improve their marking is described by Bill Hillmann. This is the second in the series.
This is the next step and is slightly more difficult than the last video.
The Y drill teaches a dog to go to the spot that the bird lands instead of running to a wide area. This marking drill will greatly enhance your dog’s marking whether he is a golden retriever, labrador retriever, chesapeake bay retriever, gun dog, hunting dog, duck dog, or even a puppy who is good at the Traffic Cop and is steady.
The last in Bill’s Y Drill series for precision marking.