Puppy Training

Retriever Puppy Training


Happy Puppy

An excerpt from the “Training a Retriever Puppy” DVD showing the importance of keeping BALANCE in your training, right from the beginning.

Loving to retrieve and excitement for retrieving are the FIRST and most important part of retriever puppy training. You can’t go forward with obedience until your puppy is happy and loves to retrieve!


Wild to Retrieve

The key to Retriever training is to get the RETRIEVING going FIRST!

You have to have a WILD to retrieve puppy before you start any obedience. FIRST you get the puppy wild to retrieve, and then you BALANCE that with the leash and the ‘SIT’ command.

“Training a Retriever Puppy” DVD excerpt shows Bill’s philosophy how to get him WILD before any training commands.



Teaching SIT

Bill explains why the “Here” command is not followed closely behind the ‘SIT’ command. He wants them to ‘SIT’ with major distractions before starting the ‘HERE’ command. Therefore the dog/puppy won’t anticipate the ‘HERE’ command.


Early Steadiness

Puppies must learn a little about PATIENCE. Bill’s method of teaching steadiness is called ‘TRAFFIC COP’. This method teaches patience while young and is an extremely gentle approach to learning to ‘SIT’.

Learning to ‘SIT’ patiently goes in very small steps beginning from the time you bring your new puppy home. This series of small steps eventually embeds the ‘SIT’ command in the dog’s brain, so ultimately you will have a steady and dependable hunting companion.



The Basics of a Puppy Double

Puppy is somewhat steady and learns that there is another bumper to retrieve.


Live Bird Introduction

You want your retriever puppy to be excited about live birds. You don’t care if the dog retrieves it or brings it back. All that matters is the EXCITEMENT! Don’t take it away from him right away when he gets to you. Let your retriever puppy hang on to it before you take it from him.