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Bill’s ‘BALANCED RETRIEVER’ Training Library

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Bill’s Video Retriever Training Tips


  • New!! Nose to Toes –  This is a short video in which professional retriever trainer Bill Hillmann describes the proper position for the handler and the dog on the line when sending for either a mark or a blind. Bill describes the complete “control panel” that is available to control your dog on line and to get him to look in the direction you want him to look. “Blitz” Pilkerton makes his online debut, a young Golden Retriever male.


  • Happy Puppy – This video is an excerpt from the “Training a Retriever Puppy – with Bill Hillmann” video where he describes the importance of keeping BALANCE in your training, right from the beginning. Loving to retrieve and excitement for retrieving are the first and most important part of retriever puppy training.


  • Wild to Retrieve – The key to this type of retriever puppy training is to get the retrieving going first. This excerpt from “Training a Retriever Puppy – with Bill Hillmann” shows Bill’s philosophy that its most important to get a puppy’s retrieving going FIRST. . . get him WILD to retrieve before any training commands.

  • Four Stages of Commands – Bill Hillmann describes the 4 stages of any command you would like to teach to your dog or retriever, including the Fetch command.


  • Training your Dog with the ‘Soft Collar’  –  This video shows an easy to follow program to condition your dog to the electric collar. Real time, real training is shown with a mixed breed [half Jack Russell Terrier] demonstrating Bill Hillmann’s “Soft Collar” method of conditioning any dog to the Remote Trainer or E-collar. This clip shows how to start each training session – getting your dog “excited.”


  • Electric Collar Dog Training – This video shows a half Jack Russell Terrier being conditioned to the electric collar with three commands: SIT – HERE NO – Even a cat distraction doesn’t take her attention off the trainer……