Training Seminars with Bill Hillmann

  • April 1-2, 2017   Hernando, MS

Hillmann Seminar Info

– Hosted by Southern Flight HRC –

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John Blackbird talking about a Bill Hillmann Seminar in Georgia
Joe Wilt from Castile Creek Kennels talks about Bill’s approach to training retrievers after a Seminar

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Bill Hillmann’s ‘BALANCED RETRIEVER’ Training Seminars

Bill’s method of retriever training works with ALL types of gun dogs and retrievers, from the most mild mannered British Hunting Retriever to the most driven American Field Trial Lab. This series of dog training articles and videos will guide you in training your retriever with a solid and BALANCED obedience foundation and mild remote training collar reinforcement.

Most problems in dog training are caused by an imbalance somewhere in your training program!

Attend one of Bill’s upcoming seminars and learn to train your own ‘Balanced Retriever’!


  • First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Bill Hillmann seminar on Ontario. I learned so much and filled in some holes in my foundation work…….
  •  We both found Bill to be great, knowledgeable and a patient man. He got all of his points across in a very clear and concise way.  Too many people don’t use common sense when training and we saw the results with some of the people in the audience. I appreciate all of your insight that you shared throughout the afternoon. I also would attend again when my pup is older…..
  • I had a little understanding b/c I have the two DVD and will get his latest but nothing like hearing the way first hand.  The info Bill gave to us was invaluable and his method was great!  So great seminar and thanks so much for coming to us. We don’t often get opportunities such as this. I always have to travel stateside…..
  • Thanks so much for all your help organizing this wonderful seminar. I think everybody enjoyed it immensely and got a lot out of it…….
  • Thank you very much for the pictures from Bill’s lectures here in Long Point.  I am still watching the pup video and trying to get my pup excited.  We both have a lot to learn and it IS fun……
  • This is great.  Thank you very much.  Your efforts on putting this event on were greatly appreciated.  Bill was a big hit and many people are sorry that they did not attend.  I, like many others, were very pleased.
  • Thanks to both of you for setting this and other clinics up for Bill, as well as your advice during the seminar.  It was fantastic.  
  • From Australia:   The seminar was fantastic.  Bill’s methods were very well received and Bill very skillfully made sure that everyone was able to benefit.  Bill’s methods challenged everyone intellectually.  He is very different from anyone we have had before such as Bill Eckett and Judy Aycock.  I believe Bill is an extraordinary trainer who will move the goal posts of retriever training.  Us Australians are very very very impressed.  If you ever get the chance to go to a Hillmann seminar my suggestion is that you take it and embrace what he will teach you with both hands.
  • Just a short note to say Thanks, and let ya’ll know how much I enjoyed the seminar this weekend.  It was an interesting group, to say the least! You and Bill did a good job keeping everyone on track and things moving forward, and yet ALL of the questions got answered.  I have put one dog thru Bill’s land and water foundation program, and have a 8 month old pup just going into casting now.  It’s all working Well!!
  • Thanks for organizing the seminar.  Many people will resist the information, which gives an advantage to those who don’t.  The problem is long-standing, the Greeks knew about it and the attached is a quotation by a well-known author: Famous Nobel Laureate Physicist Max Planck was briefer:
    “Science progresses one funeral at a time”  Hope it’s faster for dog training.
  • Thank you for all your hard work. I really enjoyed myself and was reminded of things I had forgotten long ago.   I liked the helpers who were able to answer questions and give more in depth explanations — big plus.  Felt much more comfortable with the Hillmann method after a year of working with it. Really just common sense, being honest with yourself, reading your dog and building a trusting partnership. Of course that is simplistic.
  • Thanks again for your help this weekend. I felt like it was time and money well spent.
  • Great seminar. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. We just got home and I am ready to go try some the concepts Bill gave us. Thanks, again.
  • What a great weekend!  Thanks to Diana, Sherie and the FCRSA board for the opportunity!
  • Thank you so very much from Colorado; home of Fabulous Flatcoats, Gorgeous ( and fine heeling) Goldens, Illustrious Labs, and Turbo Tollers!
  • I want to thank you all so much for the fun, very informative Bill Hillman seminar.  It was great seeing everyone there and learning all the useful info from Bill.  Thank you for all your hard work in making this a memorable event. 
  • It was a great and informative weekend.  Thanks for everyone’s help in pulling such a great seminar together! 
  • It was a GREAT day! My head is bursting with all of the new information. Time to do work!
  • Best seminar I have been to! Thanks a ton for coming out to Colorado, I think it’s going to take a few weeks just to digest all the information in my notes. Really great people and a really great weekend.
  •  It was a wonderful weekend, full of learning and dogs, and all of us gained a great deal of information to use in training and working our dogs.