Raising a Retriever Puppy

Raising your Retriever Puppy

It is very important that your puppy get the very best start possible in order for them to achieve maximum potential. These videos will show you some very import techniques to use with your new puppy.


Happy Puppy


Treat Training

Susan Pilkerton, a top obedience instructor, demonstrates how to use food to teach a command and get the behavior you want from your dog.

Creating Desire

Bill demonstrates in these videos how to create desire in your puppy. You want to be sure that your puppy is in the right frame of mind before you do this exercise. It is best to try this before a pup has eaten and right after they have been confined in their kennel.


Wild to Retrieve FIRST


The more important aspects of raising your retriever puppy are housebreaking, socializing, early training, obedience, grooming, feeding and learning manners which are all explained and demonstrated on my DVD.

Four unique things included on the DVD are:

  1. It includes one particular dog and follows through with how I raise a retriever puppy.
  2. You will learn how to teach the “On/Off” switch which teaches a dog to focus and react to YOU!
  3. You will learn that dogs must have a job or purpose in life. He learns to earn a reward for playing ‘the game’.
  4. You will learn how to reinforce and strengthen commands making them powerful and reliable under distractions.

Most of all Bill will teach you how to earn trust and respect creating a dog who is a loyal and worthy companion of a lifetime.


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